Emoji + Parteaz = Awesome Fun!

Dress up is optional. We have evening dresses, pirate vests, etc  Visit our many stations of fun and crafts.



So many… How are you going to decide? First: Choice of craft: Emoji back pack charms or necklaces or Fuse beads. Second; Make your own Emoji lotion or Emoji Sparkle bath gel and Third: hair braiding w/ beads + make up or Emoji glitter tattoos.


Anyone for Karaoke,Freeze Dance or Limbo?

Now you can sing your hearts out with a karaoke . Singing is not your thing? Birthday girls choice!



Invites & Extras

The party can be extended for an extra half hour if you are having 18 or more children or if you just want the fun to last even longer. Add on cupcakes and favor bags with our Ruby package. The Diamond package includes cupcakes, goody bags as well as a chocolate fountain or sundae bar and group photo in a personalized frame.Emoji Tropical e- vite-01


This package includes the following items and time frame : 1.5 hours in duration (working with children).

Customized electronic invitations (JPG & PDF format available)
Futon decked out in blankets & Emoji pillows for lounging

  • Choice of craft:
  • Beaded Necklace with Jumbo Emoji Charm
  • Fuse bead Emoji creation back pack charm
  • Choice of product:
  • Create Emoji Body Lotion
  • Create Emoji Sparkle Bath Gel
  •  Choice of station:
  • Glitter Tattoos- Emoji +40 other designs
  • Hair beading + make up

Karaoke or interactive games
Special personalized Emoji Birthday card
Light up napkin rings and themed Emoji party settings
Choice of beverages (2): lemonade, sprite, iced tea, ginger ale
Seasonal fruit and veggie straws or pirate booty

PearlThe Pearl

  • $450 for 10 children – @ Parteaz
  • $20 each additional child

RubyThe Ruby

  • $500 for 10 children – @ Parteaz
  • $20 each additional child
  • Includes Cupcakes for each guest.
  • Special butterfly cupcake for birthday girl
  • Emoji favor bag for each guest

DiamondThe Diamond

  • $600 for 10 children – @ Parteaz
  • $20 each additional child
  • Includes Cupcakes for each guest
  • Special butterfly cupcake for birthday girl
  • “Emoji” favor bag for each guest
  • Individual Photo is “Emoji” frame for each guest
  • Chocolate fountain or Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Maximum # of children: 32
$100 non-refundable deposit



  • Paper invites: $1.50 each + $5 shipping
  • Party comes to your home: $100
  • If travel time exceeds half hour: $50
  • Party comes to your NYC: $400
  • Custom 2×5 “Happy Birthday” Themed Banner $50
  • Chocolate Fountain or Ice Cream Sundae Bar: $75
  • Extra half hour -needed if guests total 18 or more: $50
  • Make-up application: $2 each
  • Group photo in “Emoji” Frame: $5 each
  • Extra helper if there are 16 children or more: $75

*All parties can be made peanut & tree nut free.